Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Every airlines has their own policy like cancellation policy, refund policy, name change policy and many more. In this article, we will discuss about Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy so that you can easily cancel your flight and get a refund.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy is also known as a risk free cancellation policy. Because if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hour before departure your flight then in such condition you will get a full refund. A part from this, you don’t need to pay any penalty.

How To Cancel Your Flight Within 24 Hour:  Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

To cancel your flight, first, open delta airlines official website on your computer. Then go to my trips section and select the flight that you want to cancel, after this follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your flight.

Delta airlines will process you request after checking your refund form in the original form that you use to purchase your ticket.

Cancel A Non Refundable Flight Ticket

If you purchase a non-refundable flight ticket and want to cancel it then you can also cancel it easily. In such case, you will get the remaining value of your ticket after deducting some money.

How To Cancel A Non Refundable Ticket?

Please follow the given instructions to cancel a non refundable ticket.

  1. First of all, open delta airlines’ official site and go to My Trips option.
  2. Second step is selecting the trip that you want to cancel.
  3. After this, click on need to cancel button.
  4. Click on start flight cancellation and follow the on screen instruction.

Cancellation Fees

The delta airlines cancellation fees start at $99 depending on what ticket you purchased and on your travel distance.

How To Cancel A Refundable Ticket?

A refundable ticket is easy to cancel but it is little bit expensive than normal ticket. Please check how to cancel a refundable ticket.

  1. Go to my trip and select the flight that you need to cancel. But remember cancel your ticket prior to departure otherwise it is not refundable.
  2. Click on cancel button and follow the on screen instructions to cancel your delta flight tickets.

How To Check Your Refund Status?

If you have submitted your cancellation form then you can check your status by dialing Delta Airlines Customer Support Number.

Tips To Avoid Penalty On Delta Airlines Cancellation

Here, we give some tips on how to  avoid penalty on delta airlines cancellation. So, if you want to save your money on cancellation flight ticket then must check these tips.

Cancel Your Flight Under 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you want to get rid of cancellation penalty then cancel your flight ticket under 24 hour cancellation policy of Delta airlines. It will provide you a full refund of your ticket.

Purchase Refundable Tickets

Refundable tickets are commonly more expensive rather than non-refundable tickets. But it give benefits when you cancel your flight ticket and want a full refund.

Use Travel Points To Avoid Penalty

If you want to avoid penalty on flight cancellation then you can use travel points also. Travel points offer you to get a full refund. Most of the flight don’t charge any cancellation fee if you cancel your flight using travel points.

Choose Re-Routing Options

You can also use re-routing option to save your money when you cancel your flight.

Use Airlines Credit Cards

Use your airlines credit card to cancel your flight. It will give you a options of full refund on your flight cancellation.

Need Help

So, in this article, you have learned about Delta airlines cancellation policy. If you face any issue in cancellation your flight ticket then call our Delta airlines cancellation support number +1-844-480-0252. With this, you can also talk with our technician using live chat support given in our site.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024 FAQs

Here, we give some frequently asked questions for you so that you can easily get the correct answer of your questions. Please check.